A Digital Marketplace

For Professional Credentials Data

Healthcare organizations produce millions of verified credentials a year. ProCredEx allows members to sell or share verifications they’ve created and purchase verifications they need. ProCredEx’s validation engine and distributed ledger technology securely presents immutable credentials data that fulfill your unique requirements allowing you to work faster and more accurately. Plus, ProCredEx complements your existing credentialing infrastructure and allows your organization to earn revenue recognizing the value your credentialing team creates.

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Sharing verifications among healthcare organizations requires trust. Here's how ProCredEx creates that environment for its members.

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Critical Success Factors

Network Effects
Technology Enabled
Trust Environment
Aligned Incentives
Immediately Actionable
  • Network Effects

    Sharing verifications will revolutionize credentialing but it’s not the technology that will make it a success.

    It is our community coming together to do its best work in an empowering and secure environment that will create a trusted network of credentialing professionals and verified credentials.

    ProCredEx is bringing the community a little closer and enabling it to realize the power of collaborative credentialing on a nation-wide scale.

  • Technology Enabled

    Sharing credentials data is predicated on the ability to capture verifications it in a secure and immutable fashion.

    Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) fulfills this requirement and offers the industrial scalability and reliability needed to complete hundreds of thousands of transactions per day — the kind of speed and power necessary to support the nation’s credentialing operations.

    Improving credentialing timeliness and quality requires more than just immutable credentials data to deliver the desired outcomes. Each healthcare organization maintains a unique set of accreditation standards, bylaws, business rules, and preferences that drive credentialing. Understanding these requirements and systematically curating batches of credentials data that fulfill these requirements drives speed, accuracy, and quality.

    ProCredEx’s Validation Engine fulfills this need and allows your team to rapidly view relevant credentials data that fulfill YOUR unique requirements in real-time.

  • Trust Environment

    We all want to reduce credentialing timelines, redundancy, and waste but its precise work that is highly regulated and must be done right. Our community of talented credentialing professionals knows they have highly competent colleagues at other organizations that are credentialing the same clinicians, but they can’t collaborate.

    TRUST is the missing ingredient. We must be able to trust that credentials are properly verified and that the details and data never change. We also must be able to trust that credentials meet each member’s unique requirements.

    ProCredEx exists to create the trusted environment needed to share credentials data.

  • Aligned Incentives

    Primary sources and accredited healthcare organizations can list credentials data for purchase on the exchange. Proceeds from all purchases go directly to the organization that created the listing.

    The exchange allows members interested in buying credentials data to view what organization created the listing, their accrediting body, if their credentialing professional is certified, if any quality issues have ever been confirmed, and which organizations have created equivalent listings and agree with the verification findings.

    The purchaser holds all the power to choose the verifications that best meet their needs and they can report any quality issues they observe.

    Quality issues that are correctly reported are rewarded with a credit on the exchange.

  • Complement Your Existing Systems & Processes

    ProCredEx is unique in that it complements your existing credentialing processes and systems. There’s no software changes or workflow adjustments. You remain in control of the verifications you use and the way you work. Plus, using the exchange does not create any new tasks or requirements for your clinicians.

    ProCredEx is immediately actionable and keeps your organization at the forefront of credentialing innovation.

200+ Million

Credential verifications completed by hospitals and payers annually


Average net revenue forfeited per day during onboarding

4 to 6 Months

Average appointment and enrollment


"The recognition that each verified credential has intrinsic value to other entities that need this information creates an ideal model for a digital marketplace that allows credentialing professionals to buy and sell this data amongst themselves."

- John Bass, CEO of Hashed Health

"ProCredEx provides credentialing professionals with a secure tool to both immediately acquire verifications from accredited exchange members and resell the data they have worked to verify themselves to other organizations needing this information."

- Matt Cox, Chief Financial Officer of Spectrum Health

"Credentialing stands out as an ideal fit for this technology as ‘trust’ in verification data can be assured using this technology among counterparty transactions."

- John Bass, CEO of Hashed Health

"For too long, we have forced credentialing to be performed in a way that requires credentialing professionals to resort to dated, time-consuming methods of performing their work."

- Matt Cox, Chief Financial Officer of Spectrum Health

Empower & Amplify Your Credentialing Professionals

Credentialing staffs play a vital role in patient safety, compliance, clinician experience, and operations. They work with thousands of data-points, identify hidden details, and maintain relationships with hundreds of primary sources — all with a continuously changing regulatory landscape and with tight timelines and limited support. Imagine if they had a little more help.

ProCredEx empowers your team to benefit from, and support, other talented credentialing professionals.

Need a verification that’s been completed by a trusted colleague? Purchase it from the exchange and radically reduce the time and effort associated with prime source verification.

Identified a critical error in a clinician’s credentials? Rapidly share your findings with other professionals where the clinician is affiliated and systematically improve verification quality.

Come across a unique scenario and want the opinion of a trusted colleague? How about asking some of the most experienced and talented credentialing professionals, instantaneously?

Becoming a ProCredEx member connects you with a nation-wide network of credentialing professionals that instantly provides scalability, speed, precision, and expertise for your team to utilize whenever they need.


  • Get clinicians working and billing faster
  • Minimize clinician administrative burden
  • Improve recruitment and retention during clinician shortages
  • Increase revenue recognition
  • Improve overall quality
  • Empower your credentialing professionals
  • Monetize your verifications and create new revenue streams