At ProCredEx we are passionate about helping the professionals we all rely upon, and their organizations, focus on serving the community rather than the oversized burdens associated with traditional credentialing and compliance programs. This critical work ensures high-quality services and should no longer be relegated to manual, redundant, and siloed processes that needlessly distract and fatigue our professionals and administrative staffs.

Our passion was borne from years of experience working on teams with talented compliance professionals and observing the frustrations, obstacles, and delays that come along with credentialing and compliance efforts. Through this work, we identified the best practices and tools that make a difference. We’ve helped some of the most complex and discerning organizations elevate their compliance programs and achieved record-setting and award-winning results.

ProCredEx is the result of these learnings and we’re putting our all into helping elevate and modernize credentialing and compliance programs through collaborative networks and digital data exchanges. We look forward to continuously learning together and delivering the most impactful tools in the industry.