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Our Story

The ProCredEx team is passionate about improving the clinical credentialing process. This passion was borne from our experiences working on teams with talented credentialing professionals and observing the frustrations, obstacles, and delays associated with credentialing, privileging, and enrollment processes.

Over the years, we’ve been engaged by some of the largest and most complex healthcare organizations in the country to help them improve their credentialing operations because the process takes too long, patients aren’t getting the care they need, and everyone is needlessly forfeiting revenue. Not to mention, while we face dramatic clinician shortages, our clinicians are navigating mountains of administrative tasks in support of a redundant process that is ripe for technology, operational strategy, and regulatory innovation.

We’ve learned a lot and are putting forth our best efforts to translate this strategy, operations, and technology expertise into building a connected network of healthcare organizations empowered by innovative tools that will dramatically improve the daily experiences of credentialing professionals, clinicians, and patients. It is our privilege to serve the healthcare community and to do our part in making it a better place for everyone.


A dramatically improved healthcare delivery system by driving out redundancy, delays, inefficiency, forfeited revenue, frustration, and errors associated with credentialing.


Connect the healthcare community in a trusted network and create innovative tools, that together, eliminate credentialing waste. Be relentless in our pursuit of solutions that are immediately actionable, that complement existing processes, and that drive continuous improvement. Be guided by the needs of the community entrusted with patient safety, clinician engagement, and regulatory compliance.

Quality Credo

Maintain the exchange’s transparent member governance model. Support clinician-control of all credentialing data.

Respect and support the credentialing community’s trusted accreditation and certification bodies. Value immutable, secure, and transferable credentials verifications.

Allow only primary sources or accredited healthcare organizations with the ability to offer verifications for purchase on the exchange.

Align incentives to reward provision of high-quality verifications and rapid elimination of errors. Facilitate rapid identification and communication of errors among exchange members.

We Are Here to Serve

Anthony Begando
Adam Cohen
George Bosnjak
Matthew Sylvestre


"The recognition that each verified credential has intrinsic value to other entities that need this information creates an ideal model for a digital marketplace that allows credentialing professionals to buy and sell this data amongst themselves."

- John Bass, CEO of Hashed Health

"ProCredEx provides credentialing professionals with a secure tool to both immediately acquire verifications from accredited exchange members and resell the data they have worked to verify themselves to other organizations needing this information."

- Matt Cox, Chief Financial Officer of Spectrum Health

"Credentialing stands out as an ideal fit for this technology as ‘trust’ in verification data can be assured using this technology among counterparty transactions."

- John Bass, CEO of Hashed Health

"For too long, we have forced credentialing to be performed in a way that requires credentialing professionals to resort to dated, time-consuming methods of performing their work."

- Matt Cox, Chief Financial Officer of Spectrum Health