Anthony Begando


Acharismatic leader known for his integrity and candor, Anthony Begando has always enjoyed taking on challenges – the tougher the better. Whether it’s serving in the field as a U.S. Army medic or turning around a struggling company, Anthony likes to jump into complex situations and create meaningful solutions.

In 2002, Anthony founded Tenon Consulting to provide operational formation and development consulting services to healthcare, biotech, financial services, and public sector organizations. Tenon developed a niche competency in designing, developing, and operating large-scale credentialing, privileging, and practitioner administration centers for some of the most complex health systems in the United States. In 2008, the firm founded Military Credentialing Solutions, Inc. (MCS)—an award-winning business that transformed military credentialing and privileging practices for reserve component forces.

In 2014, Anthony and his colleagues at Tenon began researching new business models and technical approaches for improving credentialing practices at the market level. The firm hired Matt Sylvestre and his team to develop a SaaS platform that would transform the way credentialing information was collected, analyzed, and distributed among market constituents. In 2017, Anthony was introduced to Hashed Health through his relationship with Intel Corporation. Following a series of initial meetings, he and his colleagues at Hashed Health developed a technology model to take the platform Tenon developed originally for use with its military clients and, through integration of distributed ledger technology, form an exchange for trading verified credentials between healthcare market counterparties. In March 2018, Professional Credentials Exchange was launched as a joint venture between Tenon and Hashed Health.

Anthony draws on over 20 years of general management experience and is a trusted advisor to numerous clients and business partners. His broad, hands-on background spans developing and operating successful entrepreneurial start-ups to forming large-scale operations with public sector and Global 200 enterprises. He has deep industrial and operations experience within the healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, technology, defense, and professional services sectors.

A native of California, Anthony holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Redlands in Redlands, Ca. He served in the U.S. Army as a medical specialist and managed daily primary care services for a 600-person armored battalion in Erlangen, Germany. Additionally, Anthony served in the National Ski Patrol and is a certified alpine patroller. He is an instrument-rated pilot and enjoys fly fishing, hiking, tennis, cycling, skiing, cooking, and gardening.