How It Works

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Credentialing is a critical aspect of our healthcare delivery system. It drives patient safety, compliance, provider experience, and a host of operational workflows. Despite its prominent roll, credentialing innovation has lagged behind other areas in healthcare.

Use ProCredEx Along With Your Existing Systems & Workflows

1. Bring Community Together

ProCredEx connects healthcare organizations to create a trusted network so they can buy and sell each other’s verifications. When you’re ready to use the exchange, just start the membership process.

2. Set-Up Membership Profile

The ProCredEx team quickly gathers your unique credentialing requirements and sets-up your account. You can also complete an initial bulk upload of any verifications you wish to sell on the exchange. If you desire an integration with your existing credentialing system, we can do that too.

3. Selling Verifications

As your team completes prime source verifications, simply add them to the exchange so that other organizations can make a purchase. The proceeds from the sale of all your verifications will go directly into your ProCredEx account.

4. Buying Verifications

As your team is credentialing a clinician and needs a verification, jump on the exchange to review the verifications that fulfill your requirements. When you’re ready, purchase the verifications you need.

5. Add Verifications To Your Clinician’s File

No matter what credentialing software or processes you use, simply add the verifications you purchase from the exchange to the rest of the verifications for your clinician and continue your existing credentialing process.

Benefits of Membership

  • Get clinicians working and billing faster
  • Minimize clinician administrative burden
  • Reduce write-offs and revenue forfeitures
  • Monetize your verifications and create new revenue streams
  • Empower your credentialing professionals
  • Improve overall quality

Become a Member

If you are interested in buying and selling verification on the exchange, let us know and we’ll get together to see if you’d be a good fit for the Design Partner program.


  • Healthcare organizations must apply for ProCredEx membership and submit proof of release from their clinicians to complete credentialing work on their behalf
  • If you would like to sell verifications on the exchange, your organization must be in good standing with an official accrediting body


  • ProCredEx members pay a yearly membership fee driven by the number of clinicians they manage
  • Members are charged for each verification they purchase on the exchange.
  • Verification pricing is set at a variable market rate governed by the exchange members
  • ProCredEx collects a small transaction facilitation fee for every buy/sell trade on the exchange